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Trained midwives and doctors bringing services to their communities


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About Marie Stopes Ladies

The Marie Stopes Ladies seek to providing services to women and girls in their communities, especially those living in remote and hard-to-reach areas who have difficulty accessing our centres.

As part of the Empower project under the Gender Equality Fund supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the project aims to advance women’s economic empowerment by increasing the clinical capacity, business skills and financial independence of entrepreneurial health providers, or MS Ladies, and increasing awareness and access to reproductive health services for women in their communities.

Services we provide

Contraception and family planning

Providing a wide range of short-term, long-term and permanent methods of contraception to help prevent or space pregnancy.

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Maternity services

Services and support through every step of your pregnancy journey, so that you and your baby get the best care.

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Safe abortion and post-abortion care

We offer safe abortion care for women who are up to 12 weeks pregnant. Abortion is legal in Cambodia. Our qualified medical team are accredited professionals and experts in providing safe and quality abortion.

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Services for men

Supporting men with contraception and sexual reproductive health.

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Sexual and reproductive health services

Screening and treatment to keep your reproductive system healthy, including STI testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening and gynaecology consultations.

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Women’s wellness and health

We have providers with knowledge of a range of women’s wellness and health conditions.

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What to expect 

Our clients are our primary concern, and we want to make sure that you can get the quality and safe services comfortably  

Our friendly and professional Marie Stopes Ladies are there to help you when you want advice and access to contraception and safe abortion services. We offer confidential counseling to all women and girls while clearly explaining options available for you to help you make an informed decision and decide on your sexual reproductive journey.

“If I hadn’t met the Marie Stopes Lady who helped me every step along the way, I would’ve had to carry the pregnancy to terms.”