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Safe abortion services 

Termination of pregnancy, or abortion, (up to 12 weeks) is your legal right. Be sure to choose a safe, trained provider like Marie Stopes.

We offer safe abortion care for women who are up to 12 weeks pregnant. Abortion is legal in Cambodia. Our qualified medical team are accredited professionals and experts in providing safe abortion.

Depending on the gestation (stage of the pregnancy), we have two services available: surgical abortion for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and medical abortion for up to 9 weeks of pregnancy

Surgical abortion 

Surgical abortion is a same-day minor procedure, performed by a trained medical professional up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Medical abortion 

Medical abortion is a set of pills which you take over two days, the medicine can terminate a pregnancy up to 9 weeks. It is advise you have a follow up appointment.

After an abortion, it is important to use contraception to reduce the likelihood of a repeat abortion or another unwanted pregnancy. Marie Stopes can help you with all your contraception needs, just ask one of our qualified medical team.

Call our qualified midwife at 012 999 002 / 098 999 102 for any confidential advice and support. We support women of ages including married and unmarried.