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One-Stop-Shop for Abortion Resources

Abortion care  •  19 June 2019  • 1 min read



Almost half of all abortions are unsafe, resulting in 22,000 deaths annually, and yet, access to safe abortion information and programs is difficult.

Understanding the need for a wealth of knowledge on safe abortion quality care, Marie Stopes International has partnered up to create SafeAccess, a one-stop-shop for guidance and resources on safe abortion and post-abortion care.

Not only does SafeAccess offer valuable resources for the public, but practitioners and policy makers may find the information contained in the website useful for their goal to create a world where every woman has the right to make a decision on their sexual rights, including when to start a family.     

For more information, visit www.safeaccesshub.org or email Olivia Jardine at info@safeaccesshub.org

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