Who Are Your Leaders?

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. —Max DePree

This past Monday was the start of Marie Stopes’s leadership training program being provided by AAA for 10 of our staff members. The core of any organization is to serve the people but sometimes to get from point A to B can be challenging. Marie Stopes Cambodia has been in operation for 19 years in Cambodia and has seen the changing dynamics of what leadership is and how to be an effective leader not just for our program but personal lives as well.

MSIC leadership development

As part of this leadership program, the participants formed 2 groups and will be working together on business scenario projects that are relevant to Marie Stopes work. The results of their projects will be presented to the rest of the teams at the end of the program, with the possibility of them being implemented at Marie Stopes in the future.

This program is aimed at developing business intelligence, complex decision making skills, and strategic, conceptual and analytical thinking skills as well as building skills in identifying risks and taking action, taking initiative, resilience, self-awareness, managing and influencing others, and working in a cross functional team. In essences it is these skill that make a better leader in today’s world!

Group participation we are stronger together.

Marie Stope participants will be sharing some lessons learned and possible materials so if you are interested in developing your leadership skills please come back weekly for updates.

“I’m glad to be part of the leadership program and closely working with other managers. This does not only improve my leadership skills but also provides great opportunity for the future of Marie Stopes.” Camille Head of Marketing

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